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Racing Secretary

Being rather a fan of computers/office work and horses, it seems a surprise I didn’t consider merging the two and taking on the likes of a racing secretarial role.

There are places that have staff that tend to help out with the morning work – exercising horses or perhaps vet work and mucking out boxes and then they settle in the office for the rest of the day.  Or perhaps a sleep in is appealing and you’d prefer to work in the office from say, 9 in the morning and help with the afternoon feed run?

If your interest lies in horses and you’re strong with regards to office skills – typing, word processing, use of the Internet, payroll and tax – as well as knowledge in entering horses into races and sales, vet records and phone skills, your boss may just consider you heaven sent!

Need more information? provides a good description of this role within Ireland as well as other roles in the racing industry –

The article Life as a Racing Secretary would also be worth a look –

The British Racing School offers a short course – as well as a general eye opener with regards to the racing industry –  Either could be of interest to those interested in working in an office on an equine property.

“My other car is a horse.”

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