Raising the Bar (High Hurdles 9) by Lauraine Snelling

DJ Randall has an incredibly hectic schedule. Although it’s the summer holidays, she is having trouble fitting everything in. Raising the Bar details her art classes focusing on ceramics with her grandmother and then pursuing her first love in the arts, drawing, in San Francisco.

Raising the Bar by Lauraine Snelling
Raising the Bar by Lauraine Snelling

In between this she is pursuing her all time favourite past time – riding horses and being around them. From helping out her dad at some shows to competing on her own horse Herndon, she finds there is little time, particularly for sleep!

DJ dreams of competing in the Olympics and feels she is getting closer to the goal by attending a week-long riding camp at the United States Equestrian Team’s training camp. After finishing the USET camp and her drawing classes with her mentor Isabella Grant, DJ is left questioning if she will have to give up one of her loves to pursue the other.

For the barely fifteen year old, it seems that life is indeed busy. Throw in her unexpected business of selling cards featuring pictures she has drawn and her friend Amy has photographed, and DJ doesn’t know which way is up!

Raising the Bar does a great job of focusing on a busy teenager who needs to determine the best way to achieve her Olympic dreams. It has a good mixture of horse events and learning, setting and achieving goals, finding time for family and friends and a budding romance. The series is sure to be a hit for teens who love horses and have the Christian faith.

Author – Lauraine Snelling
Fiction – early teen
In my library – it is indeed! Along with a few others in the High Hurdles series.
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“A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment.” ― Philip, Duke of Edinburgh



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