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Rating Stables Online

The use of the internet seems to help make many businesses truly accountable for their customer service.  I was recently made aware of Stable Rating, a place where you can rate the stable you keep your horse at and previous stables where your horse has been boarded.

I can see how this website could be of great benefit to horse owners and stable owners alike.  If you just love where you keep your horse, then you’ll want to give the place a 5 star rating and let others know about it.

Rating Stables Online - would you do it?

Rating Stables Online – would you do it?

Likewise, if as a business you have many happy boarders, then this can be used to generate further business.  Rating stables online allows customers to easily identify what they like about a boarding place.  It also helps stable owners to promote their services and adjust what they offer to meet client needs.

The more people who take the opportunity to rate where they board their horse, the better.  This means that more people searching for a place can benefit.  Perhaps you’re looking for a place that feeds twice a day, rugs and unrugs, turns horses out to pasture and provides exercise.  Or you just want a place where you can put your equine friend out at pasture with other horses.  Whatever your desire, you can find out about others’ experiences for varying boarding stables around the world.

At this stage the website looks like it’s still in it’s infancy.  Some countries such as Australia don’t have any listings and many stables have only been rated by one person.  Why not check it out and add/rate where you keep your horse?  I know when I set up my agistment property in the future, I’ll be keen to know what others think of the services I offer.

And perhaps in time this free service will be able to bring in money for the creators through the likes of advertising or some form of paid membership on the site.

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