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Rides that Way by Susan Ketchen

The fourth book that follows Born That Way by Susan Ketchen is Rides that Way.  The story sees fourteen year old Sylvia further developing as a teen.  As someone recently diagnosed with Turner Syndrome, Sylvia is struggling with the many things that make her different from others.  What she doesn’t seem to realise is that many of the things she is struggling with, other ‘normal’ teens are also struggling with.  She attributes a lot of what she is navigating in life to Turner Syndrome, when much of it is perfectly normal for a growing teen.

Rides that Way by Susan Ketchen | Equus Education

Rides that Way by Susan Ketchen | Equus Education

Sylvia finds her peace in riding her pony Brooklyn and is rapt to have taken him in her first one day event – and survived!  She is an unstoppable athlete.  Sylvia is also a young female who isn’t sure she wants to deal with developing into a woman.  Because of her syndrome, Sylvia needs to take oestrogen to further develop.  If she doesn’t, she will stay with a boyish figure.  As she watches people around her managing male attention and working out how to best present their figures, she is not sure it’s at all what she wants.

Then there’s Logan Losino.  He might be Sylvia’s favourite person but when she learns how he explains her syndrome to others, she questions if he is like everyone else.  Too many people seem to think she’s a freak and she’d rather just fly under the raidar.

Rides that Way has a lot to offer.  The book takes a look at family dynamics with some very humorous insights from young Sylvia.  Issues of peer pressure and unwanted attention by males is also covered.  From a horse point of view there’s lots of riding, caring for horses that are sick and considering what is best for the horse’s welfare.  Rides that Way is a unique and entertaining read.  Highly recommended.

Author – Susan Ketchen
Fiction – teens
In my library – it is as an eBook!
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