Rodeo Rider (Saddle Club #12) by Bonnie Bryant

Rodeo Rider is the twelfth book in the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant.  The reader is once again taken for a visit to the Bar None ranch.  This is where the girls’ friend Kate Devine lives.  The ranch is in trouble and it seems the Saddle Club needs to step in and help!

Rodeo Rider (Saddle Club #12) by Bonnie Bryant | Equus Education
Rodeo Rider (Saddle Club #12) by Bonnie Bryant | Equus Education

When the opportunity arises for them to visit, the girls are delighted to find that the local rodeo will be on whilst they’re there.  Eager to help raise the social profile of the Bar None, the girls sign up to the rodeo.  And so they are entered for the barrel racing event.  But there’s one problem – for a group of English riders, they have no idea what barrel racing is!

Local wrangler Eli Grimes comes to the girls’ aid.  Newly informed, Stevie, Carole, Lisa, Kate and their friend Christine work hard to learn the ins and outs of barrel racing.  Whilst this is occurring, Eli is also working hard for the rodeo events he will compete in.  It is his desire to secure a full scholarship to be able to study.

In between practices, the girls take a trip to a competition ranch to see just what it is that is drawing customers to them, rather than the Bar None.  They come up with one conclusion: the Bar None needs to be more visible to potential customers.  And it seems that the rodeo is just the way to do this.

Throw in some apparent unrequited love, a non-helpful rodeo aide for Eli and a desire to win in spite of the odds, and Rodeo Rider is another great read in the series.  It again shows how the girls can work together to overcome obstacles whilst also having fun.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
In My Library? It definitely is!  Along with many others in the series.
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