Rory and El Paso – A Short Story by Robert Stephen

Rory and El Paso is a delightful little story about a boy and his horse. Set in the Arizona desert, the author does a great job of describing the local scenery as the story starts. The reader is then directed toward a ten year old boy who exits the house to visit with his pony.

Rory and El Paso by Robert Stephen
Rory and El Paso by Robert Stephen

The bond between the pair is obvious. Rory is comfortable around his horse and also enjoys spending time with him. El Paso gives the impression of being a very dependable, quiet pinto. Because of this, Rory adores playing with him, practicing lassoing in the corral that El Paso resides.

This is the cause for much amusement for the local boys. As far as they can see, El Paso is a stationary animal, often asleep. Rory is a boy to be mocked for his attachment to such a creature.

Rory and El Paso is a great short story that aptly shows that all is not as it often seems. Rory is able to prove to his three mockers that his horse is very different to what they assume and so is Rory. Robert Stephen’s short story for children is a delightfully well written tale with enough description to help children imagine the story as it progresses.

For those looking for a short horse story to read to their children, add this one to the list. There is a great moral in things not being as they seem and in standing up to bullies by having confidence in who you are as a person.

Author – Robert Stephen
Fiction – children
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“I’ve often told people who ask if there is a God: Get around enough people with horses and see what happens. See how they survive in spite of all the things they do, and you’ll become a believer!” ― Buck Brannaman



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