Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson

The first book in the Sonrise Stable series, Rosie and Scamper was downloaded for free from the Sonrise Stable website. This series focuses on horses and the Christian faith.  It is aimed at pre-teens.

Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson
Rosie and Scamper (Sonrise Stable #1) by Vicki Watson

Rosie and Scamper takes a journey over a couple of years. The reader is first introduced to young Rosie and her adventures with her grandmother who owns and loves horses. Rosie loves her grandmother’s pony Jet and is excited at the prospect of Jet having a foal. When Scamper comes along however, the situation is far from pleasant.

Rosie learns to work with Scamper whilst he is young, improving his ground manners and training. A couple of years later she is even able to get on his back and learn right along with him. During this journey, Rosie becomes acquainted with the neighbours’ foster daughter, Carrie.

Although they have a rocky start, the two become firm friends and Carrie learns to ride and love horses, too. Rosie and Scamper looks at horse ownership and care and the Christian faith. Rosie’s grandmother has many bible verses and stories to help explain things in life. She is a very loving and knowledgeable character.

Carrie learns in time how wonderful Rosie’s parents, cousins and aunts and uncles are, too. As she comes to love Rosie’s family, Carrie is delighted by a request of theirs at the end of the story. Rosie and Scamper is a beautiful tale for young readers with a lot of horse information, plenty of bible verses and much adventure. The book is concluded with an interview with a horse trainer and details about horse hair jewellery that was referenced in the story for readers to learn about.

Author – Vicki Watson
Fiction – children
In my library – On Kindle it is.
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