The Runaway Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

Those who have read the Girl and Her Pony, will already be familiar with Princess Sophia and perhaps even her perfectly behaved, grey pony. In the Runaway Pony, Sophia is amazed to find herself astride her grey pony Sky, in another world.

The Runaway Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees
The Runaway Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

Sick of the lack of privacy and restrictions placed on her as a part of the royal family, Sophia longs to escape it all. She finds she has this in common with Sky and the two decide to escape the rules even if only for a little while. Little did they realise that their adventure would last longer than a quick gallop away from the king’s guards.

Finding themselves in the land of Faerie, Sophia and Sky question what is most important to them. This comes to mind as the question is raised by an unusual talking snake in the land of Faerie. As horse and rider try to work out this upside down land they’ve ventured into, they soon find themselves in trouble.  And they are unsure how to get out of it.

Their adventure consequently turns into trying to find a way home and solving the snake’s riddle.  And along the way, ultimately they learn about true friendship.

The Runaway Pony is a delightful tale for young readers with a great moral. The fact that one of the main characters is a pony adds to its appeal. This is yet another great read by Angharad Thompson Rees. If you’re looking for some horse themed books for your youngster, be sure to check out the Magical Adventures and Pony Tales.  It contains all 6 horsey adventures in one!

Author – Angharad Thompson Rees
Fiction – children
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