Running Free (Midnight Dancer #3) by Elizabeth Lindsay

Running Free finds young Mory desperate to prove the worth of her pony Midnight Dancer.  After some unexpected jumping opportunities arise, Mory is adamant that her pony is a brilliant jumper.  Mean girl at school Caroline Spencer wants Mory to prove it by entering the local show jumping competition.

Running Free (Midnight Dancer #3) by Elizabeth Lindsay
Running Free (Midnight Dancer #3) by Elizabeth Lindsay

Although Mory knows her beautiful mare is brilliant, she isn’t so sure about her own jumping skills – she is still learning to ride effectively.  Whilst Mory is out riding on the hills, she discovers a dog running free.  In time, a dead sheep is found and Mory’s uncle Glyn is furious.  He is adamant he will shoot any dogs on sight if they’re near his sheep.

Mory is fearful for Ben, a new dog that her friend Lionel has acquired.  Although Mory doesn’t believe Ben killed the sheep, she knows that he was in the area at one point.  Uncle Glyn is certain it is either Lionel’s young dog or a local woman’s dog.  Mory is unsure how she can prove it was neither!

In time Mory is goaded into entering the show jumping competition at Penyworlod.  Most of her energies go into training her pony and learning to sit well on Dancer.  Alongside this she suddenly has to deal with another dead sheep – this time a young lamb.  Lionel has also run away and Caroline is suddenly going out riding with Mory’s cousin Cara.

Running Free focuses on a great mystery that young Mory has to work to solve before an innocent dog is killed.  It is also a perfect story for young horse enthusiasts.  The horse information rings true, is educational and the story is an entertaining read.  This third book in the Midnight Dancer series I am sure would be a hit with pre-teen horse enthusiasts.

Author – Elizabeth Lindsay
Fiction – children
In my library – along with a few others in the series!
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