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Rural Help at Hand

Well I’ve been reading Women of Spirit which was given to me last month as a birthday present, and it refers in one chapter to Rural Help at Hand.  This is a volunteer organisation that assist those in the Tasmania region who may find themselves in a city hospital on account of a rural accident.

Rural Help at Hand provides aid to patients in the form of:

  • Be a friend at a bedside, assisting when needed
  • Listen / advocate
  • Source reading material, music, etc., relevant to the patient’s needs and interests
  • Assist the family with transport, city accommodation, parking and other practical needs
  • Ensure as much as practicable, the normality of family life back home (e.g. children get to sporting events & music lessons, groceries are bought, animals fed etc)
  • Coordinate practical assistance to the family on their property
  • Assist the family in finding solutions to practical problems that may occur with a patient’s return home

As it says on their website, if you have an interest in volunteering, they are on the lookout for volunteers who will:

  • Contact and connect with rural patients in city hospitals
  • Have a rural background
  • Have an understanding of the needs and way of life of rural patients
  • Possess an appreciation of the issues faced by rural families coping with a medical crisis
  • Often have experience of a disabling injury illness or condition

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