Sabaska’s Tale by J. A. Campbell

Sabaska’s Tale by J. A. Campbell

So this novel’s due to be released July 15th and I’m rapt to have been able to read it before then and offer a review for potential buyers! Now I haven’t really read fantasy/adventure novels before, so I’m glad such a unique horse filled tale was the first offered to me to read in this genre!

Campbell writes the tale of Sabaska, a bay Arabian mare who has a little more to offer than one would usually expect from an equine. Caught in a battle against good and evil, Sabaska is a Traveler, an intelligent being in the body of a horse.

The Travelers have partnered with humans to fight against an evil source that is seeking to destroy worlds.

After the event of her grandmother’s death, 16 year old Anna is devastated at the idea that her grandmother’s beloved horses may be sold off to random people. Determined to find them good homes, she puts forward an argument to her parents that she can spend the summer advertising and looking after the horses.

This starts Anna on an incredible journey of discovering why her grandmother loved her bay Arabian mare Sabaska so much.

Anna finds herself unintentionally caught up in the battle that was being fought well before she was born.

Sabaska’s Tale is an imaginative and entertaining read that looks at horses from a different angle. Although they are mythical creatures, the author’s horse knowledge is factual and put to good use in describing events that occur.

The book has some mild language and fighting scenes feature in it, but otherwise is friendly to the younger reader and will no doubt be enjoyed for its story line. When it comes out July 15, why not grab a copy?

Before then, you can add it to your ‘to be read’ list on Goodreads.

Author: J. A. Campbell
Fiction – fantasy
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“Since the dawn of civilization, the horse and the Muses have been boon companions in all the heroics of mythology and history.” – Robert Frothingham

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