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Science and Horses: 5 Horse Careers with a Science Background

Perhaps as you go through high school or even university, you question the value of scientific subjects.  There are some horse careers where it’s necessary for you to have a science background – even at degree level.  Let’s explore the idea of science and horses relating to careers:

  • Anthelmintics – horses suffer from worms; they can affect their digestive system and overall health as they steal nutrients meant for the horse to digest.
    To be able to educate people about the correct use of worming products or to help create these products often requires a science background.
  • Veterinarians – being able to effectively treat horses requires knowing a lot of science. You need to know about the horse’s respiratory system, reproductive system, urinary system, anatomy, physiology, and also nutrition.  The list goes on!
    This means being comfortable with biology, chemistry and biochemistry.
Science and Horses: 5 Horse Careers with a Science Background | Equus Education

Science and Horses: 5 Horse Careers with a Science Background | Equus Education

  • Reproductive technicians – whether you have a passion for mares, stallions, artificial insemination, reproductive technologies or live cover, it doesn’t matter!
    Science is important to know the reproductive physiology of the mare and stallion.  It’s also important to know about aspects in the mare’s pregnancy.  Plus, what can improve chances of conception and healthy pregnancies leading to a live foal.
  • Nutritionists – perhaps you want to advise people about the best horse feed types for their horse.  Or you want to develop a particular food product for horses.  Either way, science is imperative. Knowing what happens in the digestive system of the horse as well as how particular feeds can affect this comes down to biochemistry.
    Being able to develop a horse feed that has the right levels of vitamins and minerals that is palatable to the horse and easily consumed is also a question of biochemistry.  Knowing how to best produce and store hay also needs science!
  • Medicines and additives – if you want to create something that can heal, prevent or diminish an ailment in horses, science will be needed. This could be an oral medication, something to be injected or even a supplement given in feed.
    Knowing how it will get into the horse’s system and affect it will require knowledge of biochemistry and anatomy at least.

So here are five general career topics that show just how important science and horses are.  Science impacts on the areas of horse health and welfare, reproduction and nutrition.  Science is important to many horse careers!




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