The Secret Horse by Marion Holland

Nickie adores horses. She looks forward to horse camp each year over the holidays. Unfortunately she isn’t going this year – her parents can’t afford it. Her holidays are ruined!

The Secret Horse by Marion Holland
The Secret Horse by Marion Holland

Miserable and moping, Nickie isn’t sure how she is going to survive the holidays. This is especially when all of her friends are away having a great time.

Their neighbour has family visiting for the holidays and Nickie meets Gail. The two soon hit it off and when Gail accompanies Nickie and her mother to the local animal shelter, the girls are surprised to find a neglected horse.

Nickie has debated having a horse with her parents many times. The answer has always been the same. When she finds this horse who will be destroyed if he isn’t adopted, she devises a plan to steal him from the shelter. She already knows where she will keep him – on the virtually abandoned property behind where she lives.

Gail and Nickie work together to ‘rescue’ the horse from the animal shelter and move him into the abandoned stables behind Nickie’s house. Once they have him, they then need to work out how they will afford to keep him, feed him and care for him.

And so starts the list of what they will need to buy whilst carrying out a job that will earn them a small sum of money. As things fall into a routine, the girls find their peace and quiet is about to be broken. What will they do when the property is no longer abandoned?

The Secret Horse is an entertaining story about two young girls who take on the unexpected care of a horse. Although they gained him in the wrong way, how the story unfolds is entertaining and things finish well.

Author: Marion Holland
Fiction – children
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