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Selling Horse Books

I’m currently writing an eBook to giveaway when people sign up to the mailing list for this site.  It’s titled 52 Steps to Kick Start Your Equine Career; I have been working on one step that touches on selling products online.

This got me to thinking about horse book stores and selling horse books as a niche. There are many places where you can purchase books online, and a few are even catering specifically to the horse industry. I believe there’s still a lot of room out there for competitors to step in, however!

If you have a passion for books – horse books in particular – and are thinking about setting up your own horse related business online, have you considered this as a possibility? If you focus on eBooks in particular, you would completely get rid of any need to pay overheads on storage space or postage of books to customers!

Amazon may have a monopoly on books that they offer through Kindle – as an author if you provide your electronic copy only through Amazon, they pay you 70% royalties. However, you may be able to provide a strong case for why equine authors should provide their books with you as you focus specifically on their discipline and could bring in a lot more potential sales.

How would you generate income? You would need to determine a method by which customers could order and purchase books and then determine what your fee would be for authors willing to have their books listed on your site. This could be a percentage of the sale fee (and authors mark up their book prices appropriately) or it could be a set rate that authors pay or have taken out of their royalties earned.

There are many opportunities and systems available online to be able to sell directly from your site. Once this is established, it’s just a question of making sure you have products to offer and that people know about your business and can easily navigate the site and purchase products. Fodder for thought.

“I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ – they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.” – Allan Hamilton

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