Showdown by Amy Elizabeth

Showdown by Amy Elizabeth

Wow! Once again, Amy has outdone herself! I loved Cut and Run, was drawn in by Indian Summer but think that Showdown has turned out to be my favourite in this trilogy.

In the final book in the series, Alec is still coming to grips with his father’s death, and finds that he is receding more and more into himself. Rebecca is trying to give her husband his space, but feels that he is shutting her out from his daily struggles. Meanwhile, Tommy is preparing for the biggest day of his life, whilst harbouring a secret that he has kept hidden for many years.

Each of the books in this series are great as a standalone novel; it’s nice to read a little more about different characters and in Showdown, you get to find out where Tommy is coming from. I really enjoyed reading about his upbringing and how he came to be working for Walter and then Alec.

The length of this story – and the others in the series – is great; there is a lot to read and at no point does it feel like the author is just trying to fill pages. Each of the events that occur in the novel work to build up to something or help to provide further insight into why a character responds a particular way.

It was lovely to see Shania make an appearance in this novel – and provide her candid friendship when it was needed most. I loved how Alec and Rebecca’s marriage was built upon – and came out stronger as they worked through their trials together.

As always there is knowledgeable horse information throughout the story, but the characters also get away from the ranch and are explored in some quite different locations. Showdown is a great way to round out the series and provides enough mystery, angst, romance and entertainment to make this one another story by Amy Elizabeth that I’d highly recommend.

Author: Amy Elizabeth
Fiction – adult
In My Library? As an ebook, indeed!  A great way to sum up the series.
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“You show me someone that doesn’t like horses and I’ll show you someone who can’t ride.” – Author unknown

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  1. I loved this series by Amy Elizabeth! Have you read her most recent book called Dead Heat? I am always on a look out for a good horse book to read when I am not writing a horse book of my own. I appreciate your reviews 😉 Thank you! Carly Kade, Author of In The Reins (

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