Silver Brumby Kingdom

In a follow on from Silver Brumbies of the South, young Baringa is now a rising 3 year old stallion, with his uncle Lightning being close to his prime at rising 4. The two silver stallions closely related to the great silver brumby Thowra, are each struggling to survive with their herds down south.

Silver Brumby Kingdom by Elyne Mitchell

With a large amount of snow after an incredibly hot and fire filled summer, they are desperate for food. Add to that unusually warm days and rain and a flood very quickly threatens their lives.

It is in the move to safety for himself and his two white mares that Baringa loses the loyal Dawn as she slides down a steep bank and is swept up into the floodwaters of a great river. Eager to help her, Baringa plunges into the water himself, but returns hours later to his other mare, without Dawn.

Aware that he needs to keep his small herd safe whilst he seeks out Dawn, Baringa makes the courageous trip through the ongoing rain to his hidden canyon where he leaves his mare Moon and Koora, a mare that belongs to Thowra. This achieved, he continues on his search for the heavily pregnant Dawn.

In Baringa’s desperate search for his favourite mare, he is attacked by a vicious young stallion. This fight is witnessed by a young filly keen to join Baringa’s herd. She is convinced the two young stallions are dead and relays this information to Lightning.

Still keen to secure Dawn for himself, Lightning starts a search for his nephew’s hiding place where there may be two beautiful white fillies.

Silver Brumby Kingdom depicts an incredible struggle that a young brumby stallion must overcome to be realised as the Silver Stallion of the South.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
Genre: Fiction
In my library? You betcha! A great way to finish off the story of Baringa and his move to the south.
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“A silver brumby is special but he will be hunted by horse and man alike.” – Elyne Mitchell

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