Silver Brumby’s Daughter

Silver Brumby's Daughter
Silver Brumby’s Daughter by Elyne Mitchell

So I can celebrate such a long gap in having done a book review by being able to read again!  For those unaware, I got kicked in the head by a horse just over six weeks ago and haven’t been up to reading until quite recently.

The title of this review is from my favourite equine related series about wild horses in Australia’s high country.

Silver Brumby’s Daughter is the second in this series by Elyne Mitchell.  Mitchell again aptly describes the high country in eastern Australia in which brumbies are known to roam.

Kunama, Thowra’s daughter who is named for the snow in which she was born and can hide has been living life safely in the confines of her silver father’s hidden valley.  As she reaches two years of age however, an ache to chase after a mysterious black stallion that she’s glimpsed outside of the valley draws her to explore by herself.

Danger again comes to the silver horses as horse and human alike are eager to catch such a beautiful creamy filly.

It is awhile before Kunama recognises the true danger in being a wild horse and possessing her colour and beauty.  When she reaches this conclusion, it may in fact be too late for her to return to being a wild and free horse.

This is another of Elyne Mitchell’s brumby books that I loved to read.  You can find a more in depth review at my Suite101 articles.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
In my library? Definitely!  This one and any other brumby stories I’ve managed to get my hands on!
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“A silver brumby is special… but he will be hunted by man and horse alike, and must be stronger than both…” – Elyne Mitchell

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