Snow Ride (Saddle Club #20) by Bonnie Bryant

In the twentieth book in the Saddle Club series, Snow Ride, Stevie Lake has been invited to head over to Vermont to spend time with a friend, Dinah. It turns out it’s the sugaring-off event at her local riding club. This is where sap is collected from maple trees and turned into syrup and sugar.

Snow Ride (Saddle Club #20) by Bonnie Bryant
Snow Ride (Saddle Club #20) by Bonnie Bryant

There is a competition between the junior riders to collect the most. Whoever does gets to have their pick of riding mounts for the following summer. Stevie is rapt to be able to take part in the competition with Dinah. Better yet, they are able to seek out appropriate trees whilst in horse and harness, pulling a sled through the snow.

As Stevie enjoys her time in Vermont, she is rapt to be able to go out riding with Dinah. The local trails are banned because of the snow and safety reasons. And yet, Stevie and Dinah are able to work things so that they can go out and enjoy the beautiful location. But a quiet ride soon turns dangerous and the girls aren’t sure if they can keep their actions a secret. Dinah is insistent that they must, but with her injuries Stevie is sure they will be caught out.

In Snow Ride, Stevie learns the importance of doing what is right – in spite of the consequences. The reader is also introduced to the world of skiing from the eyes of a novice and the process of creating maple syrup. This Saddle Club book has some interesting events outside of horses, whilst still managing to incorporate the equine species well into the story. An enjoyable read.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
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