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Spark of Hope, an Equine Organisation

I love finding organisations that are horse focused. If it’s a ministry that reaches out to people, it’s even more appealing to me! This is the case for Spark of Hope, located in the Melbourne area, Australia.

Spark of Hope exists to provide hope in a world that at times, for some, seems devoid of it. Spark of Hope seeks to bring together both people and horses and explore the different ways that we, humans, can learn from the horse.

Using body language and understanding how horses communicate, Spark of Hope is able to make use of horses to teach people. They can learn how to overcome fears, develop healthy attitudes and also view the world differently. As it says on the Spark of Hope website, “all it takes is a single spark to change a life…”

Spark of Hope is an Equine Organisation in Australia

Spark of Hope is an Equine Organisation in Australia

One of the founders of this organisation – Anna – has long held a vision for this organisation. She hoped to one day be able to see horses being used to help people. Through using horses, it was hoped that people would better understand themselves – and also better appreciate the gorgeous equine animal.

Spark of Hope

Spark of Hope has some incredible purposes. One, to provide a home for horses that are considered at risk. This could be due to poor living conditions or neglect or not being deemed useful to their owners anymore. Secondly, they aim to create an equine based learning program.  It will help young people and adults emotionally, socially and spiritually, having a positive impact on their mental health.

On top of this, they aim to provide a respite environment for those who need rest and restoration and increase awareness regarding the importance of animal welfare. If any of these values – or all of them! – appeal to you, then you may like to read a little more about this organisation on their website.




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