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Sponsors for the Horse Industry

So whilst reading An Eventful Life, a theme seems to be prominent for each Olympic event rider that I’ve been reading about.  Their success definitely comes from determination, hard work, a great mount and family support.  Another consistency that has been evident for all is sponsorship.

In the case of all four that I’ve read about so far, Equine Sponsorship has been strongly evident:

I believe a wonderful way for an industry to succeed is that it supports it’s own.  This is evident to me in that the above sponsors listed are successful in their own right in the equine world.  Consequently, they’re able to invest in others who may be able to help promote:

  • An equestrian field
  • Their equestrian product such as horse feeds, riding apparel, and horse tack

Recent sponsors I’ve seen in the horse industry include Morgan Bailey of EquiCare sponsoring a miniature pony event; thoroughbred breeders Larneuk Stud sponsoring this site and Facebook page Equus Education and the Equestrian Social Media Awards being sponsored by previous winners.

For those of you that are making a living in the world of horses, I encourage you to consider giving back.  One of the possible ways of doing so is by sponsoring others, so that they can make their breed, sport or cause known to others in the equine industry.

Sponsorship may not be a considered way to make money, but if you take the time to think about it – it could be!  Sponsorship means your brand is out in the equine world getting seen by others and maybe even recognised on a regular basis.  This could lead to people utilising your product or service, loving it and going on to promote it to others.

Consider sponsorship! This support could help in many ways!

“Oats: a grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.” – Dictionary of the English Language

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