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I was talking online with a previous student of mine last month and found out that currently she’s undertaking a course to be able to instruct at a riding school.  Curious to find out where she was doing this (and assuming it would be the introductory level through Equestrian Australia or, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Certificate III course she is doing was at neither of these.

Why pleasantly surprised?  I always like to learn about new education opportunities available, that’s all 🙂

This particular young woman is completing her Certificate III in Sport Coaching at the Australian College of Sports Development.  The horse related studies focus on Equestrian (General) or Equestrian (Show Horse).

So if you’re interested in coaching/instructing horse riding, perhaps this qualification is worth a look at.  There are a number of options out their for coaches, leaving little room to argue that it’s difficult to get qualified!

“Lessons from your horse: when you’re quick to react, let me teach you that herbivores kick much faster than omnivores.”

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