Stable Ground by Julie Galbraith

Josie is a thirteen year old girl in a family that is struggling for money. Josie loves to paint and is good at it. She is scared of horses and has no interest in going for a job that her father suggests over the summer break.

Stable Ground by Julie Galbraith

Even with her friends away on exciting holidays over the school break, Josie isn’t sure she wants to spend her time working on a nearby ranch. Convinced she can’t get the job but that if she did, she could help her parents out with the money it brings in, Josie applies and is amazed to find the position offered to her immediately.

Stable Ground tells the tale of a thirteen year old stepping out of her comfort zone for the good of her family and her huge learning curve as she steps into the world of horses. Although the idea for the story is a great one, Stable Ground has a lot of incorrect horse facts and unbelieveable events that occur, making it a less desirable read for the learning horse fans that would enjoy it.

As much as it can be great for readers to learn alongside the main character, the fact that Josie’s incorrect use of horse terms aren’t identified by the writer make it difficult for anyone reading to know what is incorrect. The story builds nicely and has a well thought out ending, but when the main topic isn’t portrayed in a correct light, it leaves me frustrated.

Author – Julie Galbraith
Fiction – middle grade / teens
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“The way to heaven is on horseback.” – Author Unknown

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