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There are so many facets of the equine world, that it is possible to focus on your niche skills and develop them into a business. This seems to have been accomplished by Jane and Stuart Myers, who have a passion for keeping horses sustainably.

Do you see Your Land as an Investment Worth Protecting?

Their business Equiculture focuses on just that – keeping horses in a manner that is responsible and sustainable. I love this concept!

Jane and Stuart travel Australia and the United Kingdom, providing talks on how horse owners can go about this. And the best part about this advice, is that it is often free! Local Councils will organise these talks and provide them to horse owners in the area – often along with a morning tea – for no cost. After all, why not invest in your local horse owners who often have property and should be educated to not only look after it, but to help it flourish?

I have been along to one such talk put on by Jane and Stuart and came away with so many notes and ideas – for this blog, and my future property! Currently I’m blessed to be able to also read and edit some of their books that are available for sale. If you have an interest in this area, I encourage you to check out their books, one being Buying a Horse Property.

Can you see how a niche area that you’re passionate about can lead to a career in the form of educating others by talks and selling books? If you have an interest in sustainability, be sure to also check out the Sustainable Horse.

“Without the horse what would have become of man? It has served us for transport, in agriculture, industry since the dawn of time.” – Bertrand Leclair

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