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Sweet Pony Dreams: Adventures of Lulu and Bug (Camping Fun!)

Recent free downloads on Amazon included three different books by L.B. Shively.  Two of these were from the Sweet Pony Dreams: Adventures of Lulu and Bug series for children.  The third book in the series focuses on Lulu and her beloved pony, Bug.

Sweet Pony Dreams: Adventures of Lulu and Bug #3 by L.B. Shively

Sweet Pony Dreams: Adventures of Lulu and Bug #3 by L.B. Shively

Bug is a stuffed toy that Lulu sleeps with at night.  Together they travel to the land of dreams and go on many adventures.  In this particular story, Lulu travels with Bug to do some camping.  She is rapt to find that around the campfire are two of her favourite people – her grandmother and grandfather.

Lulu awakens from her wonderful dream and tells her mother all about her adventures.  After breakfast she heads off to school.  The students have been promised a reward of going to the local pool once they’ve finished their tests.  Lulu takes Bug along with her and finds a kindred spirit on the bus.  Another young girl named Misty loves ponies, too.  The two girls quickly decide to be friends.

Whilst at the pool, Lulu spies local bully Willie and decides to ignore him.  That is easy until he gets a hold of Bug and holds her out over the water.  Lulu is livid.  A silly prank soon turns into a dangerous afternoon at the pool.

Sweet Pony Dreams: Adventures of Lulu and Bug #3

This is a lovely short read for the younger horse lover.  It focuses on the bond people can have with horses whilst also teaching about doing the right thing.  When Lulu could have gotten angry at Willie for being mean to her, she instead chose to act quickly to save him.  The story is a lovely one.  One issue I had was inconsistent tenses within the story.  It switched between past and present tense regularly.

Author – L.B. Shively
Fiction – children’s
In my library – as an eBook it is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.


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