The Tagger Herd: Nikki Tagger

Another book in the Tagger Herd series, this one focuses on twenty-year-old Nikki Tagger. Nikki is passionate about her family and horses. One horse in particular has raised concern as he isn’t gaining weight. In fact, Arcturus seems to be losing weight, in spite of carefully measured rations.

The Tagger Herd: Nikki Tagger by Gini Roberge
The Tagger Herd: Nikki Tagger by Gini Roberge

Nikki works with the local vet to find a solution to the problem. As she is focusing on this, family life and helping to run the property, she is amazed to come across two characters from her past – her birth parents.

Nikki has to battle with the emotional roller coaster that involves meeting her birth parents for the first time and determining if there is any future for them in her life. Having been raised by Dru Tagger from two years of age, Nikki has experienced all she wants and needs with her adoptive mother, her half brother, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Nikki feels well loved and supported. She couldn’t imagine a better family and yet finds herself curious about getting to know her father. Something doesn’t sit right with her mother’s story however, and Nikki is determined to find out why.

The third book in the series, Nikki Tagger is a great look at horse health, the meaning of family and staying true to yourself. It further explores a few of the other members of the Tagger family and the character of Jack Morgan who works at The Stables.

The story ends well and yet leaves things open for another book to be written. Gini Roberge has once again crafted a story that is for the love of horses and family. Nikki Tagger is an enjoyable read with some interesting twists and a lot of horses.

Author: Gini Roberge
Fiction – any
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