The Tagger Herd: Wade Tagger

The second book in the Tagger Herd series, Wade Tagger focuses on soon to be 10-year-old Wade. Wade is keen horse rider and handler who loves doing things around the ranch with his father.  Unfortunately he finds himself suddenly restricted by a badly broken arm.

Being in pain and not being able to ride is bad enough. Dealing with the secret of how he broke his arm adds another layer to his misery.

As Wade finds himself able to do less and more often dozing, he becomes privy to some conversations he shouldn’t. Wade questions what is going on with his parents and why they are always fighting. What will the outcome be? Will they choose to not stay together?

The Tagger Herd: Wade Tagger
The Tagger Herd: Wade Tagger

As he battles this idea, he also wrestles with the thought that his father will never forgive him if he finds out how he broke his arm. Add to this concern for his favourite recently rescued horse Rooster and he is wrestling with a lot for a 9-year-old boy.

Rooster has bone issues and is consistently in pain. The Tagger family are eager to have him operated on to relieve this pain. Unfortunately, the operation isn’t guaranteed to be a success and if not, euthanasia is the most humane second option.

Because he is officially Wade’s horse, it is up to the young boy to decide if he wants the operation done or not.  Such an event that could heal his horse or result in his death is a big choice for Wade.

The second book in the series, Wade Tagger’s story is a heavy one for a 9-year-old. It focuses on family issues, keeping secrets and the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected horses. An interesting read and although it features a child as the main character, perhaps a bit heavy for the younger reader.

Author: Gini Roberge
Fiction – any
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