Take the Reins by Shari Jaeger Goodwin

I was able to download this book for free in June and was interested to read another non-fiction book that had a horse focus. In Take the Reins 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership, business coach Shari Jaeger Goodwin shares tips and processes to be a successful leader in business. She puts a unique spin on this in her Alpha Horse Leadership Training for HUMANS.

If you are familiar with the behavioural habits of horses, you may know that there is often an alpha horse or mare in a herd. This is the head horse that makes decisions about what is best for the herd’s survival. This horse needs to be sure of what they want and to display this to the rest of the group.

Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership by Shari Jaeger Goodwin
Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership by Shari Jaeger Goodwin

Likewise, humans who are in management or leadership roles need to be assertive about what is expected of their team. If they cannot lead with confidence, conflict and issues will arise; also the team will not meet its performance goals.

Shari uses workshops with a horse roaming free in an arena. Individuals or teams are then asked to complete a task – a small obstacle course – getting the horse to move through it. The catch is they have to do it together and they also cannot touch the horse. For the teams who are made up of individuals that know their respective roles and work together, the task is often successful. For those who are less sure or who don’t communicate effectively, they may struggle with the task.

Take the Reins!

Whether or not the task is completed successfully, team members are able to reflect and identify their weaknesses. This is key, as they can then address the areas that are causing them to fall short. In Take the Reins, Shari uses examples from her workshops.  This is combined with helpful points to guide the reader on how to better engage individuals, project what their goals are and also achieve personal and business goals. The book is an interesting and informative read.  It is sure to inspire many to go out there and achieve the goals they so desire in life.

Author – Shari Jaeger
Non Fiction – adults and management
In my library – electronically!
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