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Talk the Talk

Love talking horses? More importantly, can you recite them at a fast pace and enjoy watching races and following how each horse is doing? Perhaps racecalling is for you.

Requiring a good memory and knowledge of horses, trainers, jockeys and racing silk colours, racecalling would surely be demanding and something that the caller would have to be passionate about to be up to speed. Travis Stone is a track announcer for Harrah’s Louisiana Downs. He “called races on the roof of the Saratoga press box, dubbing those calls onto a CD to submit to racetracks as a demo.”

Check out his site to find out about the man and his profession.  If you’re interested in pursuing this profession, it’d be worth recognising current racecallers for different racetracks and possibly getting in touch with them to find out how to get a foot in the door. Other than this, brush up on your racing knowledge, listen to races being called at different tracks and practice calling!

“The biggest thing is memorization, because without it you can’t make a good call. A horse race is so fast-paced, there’s no time to look around and check stuff in the middle.” – Travis Stone

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