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Team Player

A series created by Joanna Campbell, this Thoroughbred story is written by Alice Leonhardt. Team Player focuses on Parker Townsend, the son of Brad and Lavinia Townsend of Townsend Acres.

Despite being the son of a rich and famous couple who clashed heavily with Ashleigh, the first main character of the series and later on with Samantha, Parker works for Samantha and Tor Nelson. The fiftieth book the in series, time has definitely moved on from the young Ashleigh who first worked her way into the racing industry.

Team Player by Alice LeonhardtAlso taking a slightly different direction, Parker doesn’t ride racehorses. He is an eventer, through and through. And a good one at that.

Working as a riding instructor at Whisperwood, the riding school owned by Samantha and Tor Nelson, Parker’s riding dreams are obviously a labour of love, rather than a money driven career.

This appears to be where he clashes with his parents who are focused solely on the racing industry – and the large purses that are offered with wins. Not caring about the money – but recognising he needs it to be able to compete – Parker is more interested in showing off the talent of his Thoroughbred mare, Foxglove as well as his own riding skill.

When a colleague with similar riding achievements gets shortlisted for the eventing team headed for the Olympics, Parker is left questioning why he wasn’t given the same opportunity.

Determined to show his skill, Parker sets out to win the next one and three day events that are made up of top quality riders. The question arises though, will he push his horse too far and forget that he wants to be part of the equestrian team, not an individual rider obsessed and going for gold?

Team Player focuses on the dedication required of horse and rider as well as the skill needed to compete in such a gruelling discipline as eventing. It also leaves the reader questioning what the most important thing with regards to the sport is – the prestige and recognition of winning or a job well done and a horse in peak fitness?

Author: Alice Leonhardt
In my library? You betcha. I’ve not yet got the whole of the Thoroughbred series as created by Joanna Campbell but am working towards it!
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“No locker room speeches. No playbooks. No contracts or free agents. Not even a word spoken between teammates. Doesn’t that make it the greatest of all team sports?”

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