The Calm Before the Storm

I was recently contacted about the possibility of reading and reviewing this first book in the Triple Crown Trilogy. Always being up for new books, I was quick to say yes.

The Calm Before the Storm by Kimberley Campbell

This novel by Kimberley Campbell is an entertaining and enlightening read about one family’s aim to get their horse ready for the Kentucky Derby. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

The reader is first introduced to the young colt Storm on the night that he is born. His owner Mr. Schilling has gone to great depths to get this colt and he is excited about his racing possibilities. Through careful pedigree researching and organising just the right stallion, Mr. Schilling is able to get his mare Storm Minstrel bred to a stallion that he believes will result in a foal with an incredible pedigree.

As the young colt grows, he shows promise. It is only as unforeseeable events result in him being sold off at auction, that the colt’s future becomes questionable.

Unaware of George Schilling or his careful plans, Charlie Jenkins is battling life with her two children. Recently widowed, Charlie is finding it hard to come to grips with what life has thrown at her. With two friends who are desperate to pull her out of her depressed state, they organise to take Charlie out for a night on the town.

Although the idea is intimidating, Charlie agrees as the element of watching some horse racing draws her. She has a passion for horses.

A chance meeting with a two year old colt that seems to be as unhappy with life as she is results in Charlie losing her heart – and perhaps her common sense! On a whim she finds the horse is in a claimer race and feels that she must buy him. And so starts the journey of “Storm” towards learning to love racing again and the big race the Kentucky Derby.

The Calm before the Storm is an educational read that shows how a broken family can be restored through the love of a horse and a common goal. I learnt a lot and found it easy to read and enjoyable.

Author – Kimberley Campbell
Fiction – adult
In my library? – as a hardback, it is!
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“The blood runs hot in the Thoroughbred and their courage runs deep. In the best of them, pride is limitless. This is their heritage and they carry it like a banner. What they have, they use.” – C.W. Anderson

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