The Colt from Snowy River

The Colt from Snowy River by Elyne Mitchell

Another brumby story by Elyne Mitchell, this novel is a little dissimilar to the others. The Colt from Snowy River tells the tale of a well bred thoroughbred colt, Buzz who is stolen away by a brumby filly in the wild of the Snowy River area.

Mitchell doesn’t disappoint in her description and depictions of the area, the flora and fauna and the unforgiving changes in weather. Buzz’s owners undertake many hunts to find the pedigreed colt that was bred for racing, finding themselves exploring unfamiliar and untouched territory across the Snowy Mountains.

Buzz soon learns that his shod hooves and his speed are his greatest protection against other stallions that would like to steal his filly Yarrawa for their own herd. The joy of having a filly as a young stallion causes him to revel in being wild and free; helps him to ignore the fact that he misses being groomed, having shelter and hard feed at night.

It’s the harsh and unforgiving winter that reminds Buzz of all that he’s left at the Snowy River homestead. Yarrawa now heavy with foal is still apprehensive about being anywhere near the humans that she stole this young stallion from.

A hoped for meeting between Buzz and his owners leaves the young stallion having to make a choice between the comfort and love of his owners, or the wild and joyous freedom of having a mare of his own, but a young foal that he is now responsible for. The Colt from Snowy River proved that Mitchell could write from a domestic horse’s point of view, whilst still enlightening readers to the mysterious land where brumbies roam, that is the Snowy Mountains.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
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“A well trained horse isn’t less exciting than a wild one.” – Author unknown

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