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The Danger

I think I should be reading my Dick Francis novels in order of year published rather than alphabetically, but oh well.  I’ve recently finished The Danger and so far have found this novel to be slightly different to the rest – a good kind of different.

The Danger, Dick FrancisThe main character, Andrew Douglas of Liberty Market is used to dealing with kidnappers, negotiating ransoms and freeing hostages.

He is not so familiar with the horse world – in fact, rather far from it.  This doesn’t stop Andrew finding himself from the outside looking in as each victim seems to link back to the racing industry.

Another great read with some very amusing characters, The Danger was further made interesting due to the main character being someone who knew not much about horses at all.  Often changing countries, the different locations and characters along the way added to the novel, rather than detracting and making things confusing.

Not surprisingly, the horse related parts of the novel where convincing and the terminology correct when relating to horses in different countries.  As for the investigating side of things – as someone who is ignorant in area, your guess is as good as mine.  The actions of the characters were easy to picture though and didn’t seem far fetched.

Finding this to be a single book written by Dick Francis, rather than one of his series, I’m rather disappointed, actually.  The main character is very likable and another novel featuring Andrew Douglas of Liberty Market would be welcome in my opinion.

Author: Dick Francis
Fiction – Crime.
In My Library? You bet.  A bit of swearing throughout the book but otherwise pretty harmless, an interesting read and one that will keep you going until you reach the end.

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“Words are as beautiful as wind horses, and sometimes as difficult to corral.” – Ted Berkman

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