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The Equine Spirit: History Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

I recently downloaded The Equine Spirit for free on Amazon as the subject matter appealed to me. I love fiction horse books, but I also really enjoy those that can teach me something! So as an Australian, I found that I learned a lot about America’s history through the horse in The Equine Spirit.

The Equine Spirit: Historical Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

The Equine Spirit: Historical Tributes to the Horse, Mule and Donkey by C S Purdy

This book is a great collection of articles, short stories, poems and songs. All are in tribute in one way or another to the equine species. It could be for the working horse, a mule or donkey (burro), depending on the historical event being discussed and the location of said event.

I was amazed to learn about the Erie Canal where boats were towed down a canal by mules! What a unique way to make things work.

Of course the rebuilding of cities, breaking through new frontiers or fighting in wars were all made that much more possible with the aid of equine partners. Alongside each short chapter, there are many photos and paintings to further illustrate the works that equines have played in America’s history.

The Equine Spirit

This book is a great introduction to the research work that author C S Purdy has done. At the end, readers are encouraged to find out more through another book by the same author – The Equine Legacy. I would be interested to read this, having learned a little about events I am mainly ignorant to. Do you know about:

  • the Erie Canal
  • the Pony Express
  • Horse Latitudes?

The equine species has indeed played an incredible part in history. This book touches on some of the many things that were possible with the help of our equine friends. A great tribute to horses, mules and donkeys. The Equine Spirit is an interesting read.

Author – C S Purdy
Non-Fiction – historical
In my library – on Kindle it is!
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

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