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So study for my Horse Management subject at uni has me going over the anatomy and physiology of the stallion currently.  Upon looking at artificial insemination I realised I’d planned to do a piece with regards to Equitainers and after a quick search on this blog, it appears that I haven’t!

The Equitainer, of Hamilton Research Inc.Those familiar with transporting semen with regards to breeding the mare, will be familiar with Equitainers.

For those who aren’t, an Equitainer is a container used to courier semen to mare owners so that the mare can be artificially inseminated within a particular time frame.  If the mare isn’t inseminated within this short time frame, chances are she will not conceive.  Consequently, the lining up work of the vet as well as expenses with regards to collecting from the stallion and the mare owner having to dish out a reasonable amount of money would all be wasted.

For those interested in the artificial insemination breeding side of horses, of Hamilton Research Inc. provides information with regards to:
– reproduction courses
– different products to assist in the ease of preparing mares to be inseminated
– articles relating to transported semen, collection and general reproduction issues

In an industry where reproductive technologies are advancing at an impressive pace, someone stepped into a niche area, providing a product that is now recognised as one of the best for “equine cooled shipping semen containers,” says Paul Loomis of Select Breeders Services.

In the equine reproductive world, those making use of such technologies available may find themselves jumping ahead in the products and services that are able to be offered to equine breeders.

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