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The Horse Road by Troon Harrison

So I’m rapt that I got this one finished before the wedding! ūüôā¬† I’ve gotta say, this was such a delightful read!¬† I’m so glad Troon contacted me¬†about writing a review!¬† All the more exciting for me, this was a proof copy.¬† The book is set to be published in August of this year – what a privilege to be able to review a proof!

The Horse Road, Troon Harrison

A historical fiction, this novel is set in Central Asia, 104BC.¬† 14 year old¬†Kallisto’s life revolves around horses and she plans to take advantage of¬†spending as much time with them as possible before the date of her¬†impending bethrothal.

Whilst out racing her buckskin stallion Gryphon, Kalli and her¬†friend Batu spy an army of thousands making their way to the town of Ershi.¬† Kalli realises that it’s her mother’s well known horses that they are seeking and is suddenly racing against time to get to the family’s horses and get them away to safety.

The adventure that follows is one that shows a shy 14 year old girl having to stretch herself well out of her comfort zone to save her beloved horses.  The Horse Road is a great read and will have young readers reaching the end of the 304 pages very quickly.

For those seeking a more in depth review, check out my review at Suite101, The Horse Road.

Author: Troon Harrison
Fiction: Historical, 8 Р12 years
In my library? You betcha!¬† I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this unique and insightful story.¬† Full of adventure and horses – what more could you want?
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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