The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

It seems to be a time for non fiction horse books for me! I recently finished reading The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker. This was a book I was gifted back in 2009 but have only now taken the time to sit down and read!  I love the cover – it’s gorgeous.

Perhaps half of the chapters within the book are written by Candida herself. The chapters may be as short as a couple of pages, or half a dozen or so pages long. Each chapter is a separate story about horses and how they have impacted someone’s life for the better. The lessons learned from each contributor in the book work together to provide a great collection of short stories for the horse enthusiast.

The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker
The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

In between the stories, a collection of beautiful photos can be found on the pages. Many of these horse photos are also accompanied by a horse quote on the following page. This is a nice touch and breaks up the book really well.

The Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker

Some of the stories are by well known horse people or trainers – such as Frank Bell – and others by humble horse owners.  The Infinite Magic of Horses book is a really interesting read with some truly touching stories. Each story explores different breeds and disciplines that can be found with horses. It even shows how the equine species has lifted people up out of depression and other threatening situations.

This was a great gift from a friend.  It is also one I am sure would be a blessing to anyone else it is purchased for.

Author – Candida Baker
Non Fiction – adult
In my library – That it is!  As a paperback.
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