The Perfect Distance

The Perfect Distance by Kim Ablon Whitney

I was lucky enough to be a winner of one of Kim Ablon Whitney’s novels recently and chose the Perfect Distance as my prize. I wasn’t disappointed!

Francie Martinez is one of the lucky students of renowned trainer Rob Renaud. The only difference is, she’s the hired help and works in return for the lessons others pay a packet for. Francie is hard working and determined – her dream is to go professional on the equestrian circuit. This is often overshadowed by another of Rob’s riders, Tara.

Although talented, Francie struggles to find the perfect distance whilst jumping, at times moving ahead of her horse before she should be preparing to jump. A lack of confidence in her riding abilities often leads to this fault occurring in a jump round.

Whitney’s story of a young woman’s determination to make something of herself in a world that seems to be driven by the rich is realistic, entertaining and avoids common clichés where the underdog rises to the top. The characters are believable and the end result for Francie and her friends is realistic and likeable. Well worth the read.

Author – Kim Ablon Whitney
In my library? – as an eBook, yes!
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“It’s just counting strides, finding your distance, swapping leads, and looking good doing it. Relax, what could be easier?” – Author unknown

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