The Silver Brumby

This is one of the first horse books that I remember reading and rereading and reading again. Set in the high country of Australia, the book focuses around the nuances and lifestyles of the Australian wild horse, the brumby.

The Silver Brumby by Elyne MitchellThowra, the first born creamy horse out of the cream mare Bel Bel is born into a world where men roam the high country in search of brumbies that they can rope and take for their own. A world where every other stallion would be doubly against him due to his unusual colouring.

Realising that time was against her – after all Thowra would be naturally weaned within a year – Bel Bel sought to teach her son as much as possible to have him wise to good grazing areas, sensing danger and escaping into thin air.

The author Elyne Mitchell brings the reader in alongside the wild horses, opening their eyes to a world where you continue to move, seeking out the best grazing; where stallions fight for their mares and dominion over particular pastures and are constantly evading their hunter, man.

These horse books are different in that you’re reading from the horse’s realistic point of view – survival and reproduction are the main focus.

I love that the areas mentioned in this novel are places that you can actually visit and also where brumbies do indeed roam. These truths bring credibility to the story and make it that much more interesting a read.

I’ve read four of the Silver Brumby series and deem this to be my favourite although all I will quite happily sit down and read again when time permits.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
In my library? Perhaps the story that started the addiction in the first place. You’ll find the Silver Brumby and (eventually) all others in the series amongst my collection. The series is one I’d also consider child safe and happily have any young person reading.

“A silver brumby is special… but he will be hunted by man and horse alike, and must be stronger than both…” – Elyne Mitchell

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