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The Trail Home

For me, the idea of running my own business from home is one of the most appealing I can think of. One business that works well from home (if you have the acreage and horse numbers, of course) is trail riding.

In Australia I’ve been to a fair amount of trail riding properties, with at least 50% of these being where the owner/manager also lives and looks after their horses. The trails themselves are on public property, reserves/parks, beaches and possibly across some roads to get to the riding destination.

On trail in South Africa

The trails I went on in South Africa were all across land owned by the council which was apparently open to a couple of trail riding businesses in the area who had received permission to travel over this land as part of their business/service provided.

In Ireland I went to two very different places, one that was set up on a very small acreage with stables and an arena. Here the owner of the business actually had all of her riders one at a time carry out a walk, trot and canter to prove their capability in the saddle before heading out on a trail ride down the road and to the beach. The second was actually a property of about 40 acres set up with many jumps throughout about four different paddocks. You were able to ride the owner’s horses that were used for hunts and therefore capable of jumping. With about a dozen other classmates from the Irish National Stud, we had a ball cantering around on these sturdy mounts and popping over any jump that came along – it was a heap of fun.

On Trail

Whatever type of trail riding business you run, it’s a given you’ll need land or the use of land which provides areas to ride in that can keep a rider interested for 1 hour, 2 or perhaps a whole day. On top of this you’re going to want bombproof mounts and insurance. Sometimes a piece of paper is a step up to getting yourself insured. Take a look at some qualifications available in Australia at

“EQUINOMIC$ – The distribution and depletion of a large percentage of a horse owners cash flow.”

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