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The Traveling Student

Been looking at sites online for a friend who wants to do the traveling thing with horses and I stumbled across YardandGroom. Sure, a few of you are probably asking if I’ve had my head under a rock or something – I’m sure it’s a popular site.

Found a few possibilities for her but it didn’t help my plan of not wanting to do any travel this year! I’m trying to be a good girl and focus my energies (and money) on saving for a house rather than further travel at this point in time. I did come across a few jobs that looked rather appealing though. Most were under the subject of ‘Working Student.’

For those of you who are interested in travel, work with horses and don’t have much in the way of financial commitments, this would be worth exploring. Many of the jobs offered provide food and accommodation, but you’d be lucky to see money as part of the agreement. However, many places that compete and teach for a living offer daily riding lessons, the chance to show/compete and some offer a place for your horse, too.

If you’re between 18-29, this is the best time to consider traveling as it seems that once you hit 30, working Visa’s are very hard, if not impossible to come by. Yard and Groom covers all sorts of disciplines – breeding, holiday riding places, racing, hunt, riding school, livery, showjumping, dressage, showing, endurance, polo, stud work, eventing, etc. If you’ve an area you wish to learn more about and want to add some traveling to that experience, look into possible Working Student Positions. – one of many working student positions available.

“A horse, like Cary Grant, lends romance to any venture.”

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5 Responses to “The Traveling Student”

  • Hi Thanks for your very kind comments on my blog! I’ve added you onto mine as a link and I’ll pop back after dark tonight and have a good look at your blog – I’m sure it will bring back memories as I did three years in Oz working with yearlings and then managing Mt William Stud (anglo arabs and arabian warmbloods) Best Wishes Laura

  • if 30 is the cut off, I’m way past that! lol

  • Alana:

    hey there, I just found time to look at your blog, and I gotta say, I’m impressed. I need to keep opening new tabs to follow all the links that look interesting. Lots of brilliant information and ideas, and I definitely plan to keep in mind the ‘traveling student’ possiblity. too much to do, so little time…and money. We really do need to be paid to live, and learn. I think I may have found this link off your page, but there is a site with horsey careers and I’m starting to worry that I have a few to many ambitions. Getting paid to live on a horse property and learning how to train horses? what could be better? sadly I lack a driving license, and the ability to work full time, but to the lucky person who gets the job, I am incredibly jealous! ( Anyways, its after midnight so I’d better go now 😀 all the best with your many jobs, and good luck in finding a house. keep me updated, from Alana.

  • Hi Alana,

    Thanks for the comments! Eheheh, I was just talking with a friend yesterday regarding the AEBC – popped into MSPE to drop off some stuff.
    Indeed there’s not enough time or funds to do it all! Good luck with exams and the like 🙂

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