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So this website I was completely ignorant to up until a few minutes ago.  I use Google Reader to subscribe to many horse related blogs and this link we shared on one of the hundreds I read through.

It caught my attention specifically because of an initiative they’re running called ‘Operation Gelding‘. I think often problems arise with horses because of ignorance. I’ve seen this quite a few times since pursuing a career with Thoroughbreds, particularly in breeding.

I believe some people choose to breed because they have a colt/stallion or a mare and suddenly they think, “hey, I could get a foal!” Now I think breeding horses is a wonderful thing, if owners are informed and horses are bred for a purpose.  Breeding just because it can be done is not a good reason.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition are running this current initiative to encourage people to geld stallions.  Perhaps some people shy away from this because of the cost, but it is worth considering why a colt or stallion should be gelded.

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There are many, many resources available today to improve the skills and knowledge of horse enthusiasts. If you know of anyone that could benefit from knowing about the Unwanted Horse Coalition or Operation Gelding, share it with them! 🙂

“If wishes were horses, we’d all own stables!”

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