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Thelwell’s Riding Academy

I’ve recently discovered in town a gorgeous bookshop called the Already Read Bookshop. Now on the weekends where I’m working and have a gap in the middle of the day where time needs to be spent, it’s not uncommon for me to head into town and browse through the bookshelves of this shop that sells on old library books – at a rather cheap price.

Last visit my poor workmate thought if she helped to find horse books with me, it’d mean exiting the premises quicker. I figured it just gave me more time to seek out horse books! A few of the latest acquisitions included three from the library of Thelwell.

Thelwell’s Riding Academy, which is based on a series that appeared in the Sunday Express, provides advice in a comedic way with regards to having a pony. Many who get a first pony for their children will be able to relate the cartoons and quotes that accompany them.

Thelwell's Riding Academy, Norman Thelwell.This book covers:
– The Mount
– First principles
– The Academy
– Care of your pony
– Safety precautions
– What to wear
– Good manners
– Academy pictures

A very entertaining read with over a hundred pages of cartoons and accompanying text, Thelwell focuses on the sense of humour that is required of those owning and working with horses.

The opening cartoon involves a picture of a riding instructor with a dozen young female students, coaching them on confidence with regards to being around horses. The picture itself has an extremely angry looking pony below a stable block. Seated safely above, high on the roof are the twelve girls and their instructor who is saying, “Remember what I told you girls, never let him see you’re afraid.”

Any Thelwell book I think would be a valuable addition to one’s horse book collection and I was rapt to find some in this second hand bookstore. For those seeking out any of Norman Thelwell’s books, a visit to eBay may be the way to go.

Author: Norman Thelwell
Fiction – cartoon
In my library? Indeed! Along with Thelwell Country and Thelwell Angels on Horseback and Elsewhere.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“Never try out novel ways of getting into the saddle… you’ll enjoy quite enough variety – getting out of it.”

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