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Themes with Hospitality

Good thing I’m cutting down on jobs next year!  I went to my third Christmas party last Sunday and still have another work one next weekend.  I’m very glad that I went to this particular party though as it was housed at the ex horse stud turned winery, Box Stallion Winery.

The stables that used to house Thoroughbreds are now set up as individual stalls housing all sorts of cooking and dining implements.  The breezeway is actually where tables and chairs are set up and you can dine.

Dining in the breezeway of a stable block.Looking around there’s horseshoes on each box, old saddles draped over surfaces and other odds and ends that add to the equine atmosphere.  The place is gorgeous and the food was excellent, too!

While in Ireland and South Africa I ended up eating at a couple of places that really played on the nautical theme with anchors and other odds and ends, particular colouring and beach and sailing photos about the room to really add to the feel.

Well why not with horses?  You don’t need to have a winery and a set of stables to dress things up. My boss on one of the horse studs I worked at had his laundry room covered in horse magazine articles and photos from ground to ceiling and it looked absolutely awesome.

Or what about a collection of horse mugs that customers get served with, competition ribbons used as curtains or draped over seats, trophies on display and old bridles hanging on the walls?

One of my horse mugs.How great would it be if your local coffee shop had a horsey theme and on those cold rainy days where you may not be able to muck around outside, you could go in, order a hot chocolate and snuggle up on a comfy chair (or a hay bale) with one of the many horse books or magazines that are available to read?

Hmmm, think I might be talking myself into this idea!  I’ll have to add a cafe to my growing library.

“That hoss wasn’t built to tread the earth, He took natural to the air, And every time he went aloft, He tried to leave me there.” – Tribute to an Unmanageable Horse

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3 Responses to “Themes with Hospitality”

  • How cool! I love winerys to begin with, but a horse themed one, sounds like heaven!

  • OMG Chris, I love your blog and can’t wait to read more. What a cool idea..okay – except for that 100 fall rule..I don’t like that..ha ha. I have not a clue as to how you found my new blog – but I am glad you did, because now I can explore yours too.

    Have a great day!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I have never seen a winery quite like that before, very cool.

    I know we have a bar around here with a horse theme, but I’ve never been. Not much of a bar fly myself. But, I love your idea of a coffee shop with a horse theme!!

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