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They Just Don’t Make Land Anymore

Everywhere I look – there’s horses.  Now not that I’m complaining but there are definitely a lot of horses around – perhaps more than people seem to know what to do with them.  It’s a pity the same can’t be said for land.  The saying goes, you might as well buy some land, it’s not in production anymore.

Nice green paddocks behind a sturdy post and rail fence at the Irish National Stud.I remember when studying at TAFE, a teacher stated that the best land for horses you’d always find around vineyards and that seems to be the case in the Nagambie region – there are a lot of studs and wineries – the same is for Euroa.  Guess it makes sense – you want your horses grazing on fertile ground.

Some are so familiar with the best types of country for raising horses or providing horse related services that it’s a wonder they don’t get their Realtor license and make a living out of selling such places to others looking to set up their horse business.

There are particular businesses around that do cater to the niche of horse properties for sale such as:

The likes of William Inglis & Son, in addition to being a well known bloodstock agent and provider of auction facilities for livestock, also provide real estate services, particularly for well known horse properties.

Obviously, if you’re interested in going into any form of real estate, you’ll need to get your Realtor License which can quite easily be obtained.  Apparently the minimum age is around 19 years and there seems to be a lot of ways that such a license can be obtained, even online: – Nationally Accredited Online Real Estate School (US) – Offering licensing opportunities in four states of Australia. – Real Estate License in the USA.

“You know you’re a good horse person when… …you consider a golf course as a waste of good pasture land.”

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