Third Time’s the Charm

If you have access to Kindle and love reading, you should never run out of horse books! I regularly do a search in the book category for ‘horse’ and sort by price and find books consistently available for free download.

Third Time’s the Charm by Liz Isaacson

One such recently was Third Time’s the Charm: An Inspirational Western Romance by Liz Isaacson. Chelsea Ackerman has vowed she will never be engaged again; she has been twice before and both times have ended in disaster. At the cessation of her second engagement she moves back home to her parents ranch to help run the homestead of Three Rivers Ranch; something she’d never dreamed of doing.

First Lieutenant Peter Marshall works at Three Rivers Ranch. He is a cowhand but has just set up an equine assisted therapy program for war veterans, the disabled and other people who have had trauma in their lives. Pete is overwhelmed by all he plans to achieve with the program alongside his full time job. This doesn’t stop him pursuing the desire God’s placed on his heart, however.

Pete recognises that Chelsea is damaged and feels that his horses can assist her. He doesn’t realise how much her background can help him with setting up Courage Reins, his therapy program.

Over time the two struggle to fight their growing attraction and their own insecurities to see if they can work together to bring Courage Reins to life. Third Time’s the Charm is an interesting novel in that it looks at setting up an equine assisted therapy program; the one horse fact I questioned was a stallion being used in such a program, particularly alongside a mare. Other than this the story is a sweet romance, enjoyable and an interesting read.

Author – Liz Isaacson
Fiction – adult / romance
In my library? – as an eBook yes!
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“A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger then a man on foot.” – John Steinbeck

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