Timber Ridge Riders the Beginning: Kate and Holly

Kate and Holly; Timber Ridge Riders the Beginning by Maggie Dana

I’ve read the first in the Timber Ridge Riders series and really enjoyed it. This prequel was a great way to find out a little bit more about Kate and how it was that she came to lose her interest in horses and riding.

Told from each girl’s point of view, the reader is introduced to first Kate and her dedication to being a working student in order to ride the animals that she loves. Kate is hard working, focused and a good rider.

It seems that she is going to go far in the equestrian world, already performing well at the age of fourteen. A freak accident at the riding school in which she works changes all of this suddenly and Kate finds herself away from home and not wanting to go near horses.

Holly is desperate to return to her life of riding horses and competing, but finds one thing in her way; she can’t use her legs. An accident leaves her wheelchair bound and Holly comes to realise how fickle people are because of her sudden disability.

In the search for a helper for her daughter, Holly’s mum places an advert searching for a mature caregiver who has the time to keep an eye on her daughter and get her to the barn safely. After a few unsuccessful interviews, Holly questions if the young girl her age may just be the person they are looking for. Kate and Holly is a great introduction to the series and the two main characters.

Author: Maggie Dana
Fiction – teen
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“Some are slaves on the ground but are free on a horse.”

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