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Time Will Tell (Timeless #1) by Sandy Loyd

I recently downloaded this first book in the Timeless series for free on Kindle.  Time Will Tell has some unique features in it that drew me to want to read the story.  Firstly, there’s a thoroughbred stud farm.  It is being used to help rehabilitate kids who have been through a rough patch in life.  Maybe they’ve lost a loved one and found life to be all too much – this was the case for the female protagonist Libby Edwards.

Time Will Tell by Sandy Loyd | Equus Education

Time Will Tell by Sandy Loyd | Equus Education

Libby finds true enjoyment in working on the farm where she was able to heal after her mother’s death.  It also helps her to forget about her disappointed father and controlling fiancé.  Twin Oaks is a place where she feels she truly belongs and is making a difference.

Secondly, the book has the added element of time travel.  What I found really unique about the story was Libby’s ability to go back in time to the same stud farm.  This is when it was just starting to flourish as a thoroughbred breeding and racing facility.

This time back in the 1800s is when the Kentucky Derby idea was first birthed and a local racetrack was being formed.  Through Libby, the reader is able to learn about this big race in the US in the 21st century.  Plus, they get to read about the men that brought the grand horse race to fruition in the first place.

Thirdly, throw in a good looking stud farm owner, undeniable chemistry and a charming love story and you have the great makings for a novel.  Time Will Tell had many horse facts.  There was a focus on my favourite industry – thoroughbreds, racing and breeding – and a great love story.  It was also a unique way to enlighten readers about the origins of the Kentucky Derby.  An enjoyable read.  The only qualm I had was that a mare named Pride in the future was referred to as a stallion for a bit of the story and then went back to being a mare.

Author – Sandy Loyd
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an eBook
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.


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