Touch of Gold by Vivien Gorham

I received a copy of Touch of Gold to review recently and really enjoyed this story aimed at teens!

Thirteen-year-old Jamie has discovered a palomino mare in a field within riding distance of her new home. The mare appears hungry and lonely. Jamie quickly concludes she needs a friend as much as the shy thirteen-year-old does.

Touch of Gold by Vivien Gorham
Touch of Gold by Vivien Gorham

As Jamie visits the mare, feeds her snacks and grooms her, she starts to build a rapport with the golden equine. She decides to call her Peach. As she voices this thought out loud, an older gentleman informs her that Peach is a perfect name for her.

Startled, Jamie soon comes to know the gentleman as the owner of ‘Peach’. A sad, lonely widow, Sam tells Jamie about Peach, or Goldie as she is known. Jamie develops a friendship with Sam and makes an effort to visit the palomino mare as much as she can outside of school.

Over time Jamie becomes attached to the mare that is wasting away from loneliness. Sam’s decision to move her to a better home where she’ll be well looked after is met by a devastated thirteen-year-old.

It is only as Goldie moves to Tamarack Stables that Jamie learns to overcome her shyness. As she discovers others who love horses – including the amusing owner’s son, Nick, she finds people who can teach her about horse care and riding. Her desire to be a top rider seems ridiculous initially with her lack of experience. In time however, Jamie learns to be assertive with her riding – and in life – and she develops into a capable rider.

Touch of Gold is a great coming of age story where horses feature heavily. Jamie seems a typically shy teenager who breaks the rules at times but learns to be responsible for her actions and the care of horses. An interesting and entertaining read.

Author: Vivien Gorham
Fiction – teen
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