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Track Riding of Racehorses

So there were some women being shown around the stables today.  They were from Racing Victoria and Racing Tasmania.  A couple of weeks ago we had two new staff start at the stables and one is keen to do track work.  Through these women, it was determined that in January, Racing Victoria is holding a track riders camp, where he may be able to be assessed and given the correct licensing to be able to legally ride track work in Australia.

For those keen on the idea of pursuing a career riding racehorses, Pony Club or a riding school can be a great place to start at a young age.  Racing Victoria offers a Cert III in Racing (Track work), which would be worth pursuing for those in their teens or higher.

“It is easier to attach reins to a freight train and practice pulling to a halt than it is to slow down some of our horses.”

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