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The Ultimate Equine Image Site

Have you considered the idea of stock photo sites? Or more specifically, a stock photo site that focuses on horses? I believe this could work as a horse related career. And why? Because there are many markets out there where an equine image needs to be bought and utilised:

  • For horse blogs and articles
  • On horse book covers
  • Horse photos for educational resources
  • On logos for horse businesses
  • Horse images for screen savers and desktop backgrounds

An Equine Image Platform

Going that one step further, I believe that there is room for an equine image platform. What would be offered on this? Images for the abovementioned points. But on top of this, there could be access to a certain number or type of images for a monthly fee.

People can also gain access to tools that can help them to develop images. For example, they could download an image for their next horse book cover. Then they could use tools offered online to add in a title, author’s name and other book details. They could even add other images or effects to the photo, ultimately creating their book cover online.

Would you Utilise an Equine Image you could Personalise Online?

Would you Utilise an Equine Image you could Personalise Online?

The same could be said for magazine covers and Pinterest images for a blog post or website page. It would also be possible to create horse logos for a business.

The general idea is that this platform provides the horse images and the capability to turn these photos into a graphic for professional use. There are many horse businesses out there with an online presence. Having one place they could go online to find appropriate photos and generate graphics could be something they’re willing to pay a monthly fee for.

On a side note, you could also encourage photographers to submit stock that could be sold at a flat rate and they receive a commission. You earn and they earn. Another equine passive income streams possibility!

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